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Wow every customer Crush every sales goal

Easy marketing tools to build relationships.

  • Attract and engage prospects
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Stay in touch with customers
  • Get more responses
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Stunning Emails in Seconds Complete Newsletters in Minutes

You can easily send a memorable thank you to a single contact or a full-blown newsletter to your entire list.

  • No technical or marketing skills required
  • Easy enough for anyone to learn quickly
  • Works on your Mac or PC
  • Works on mobile phones or tablets
  • No set up costs
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Brilliant Business-Class Designs

Choose a design from our jam-packed galleries, Or upload and customize your own masterpiece.

  • Hello’s
  • Thank You’s
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday Wishes
  • Seasonal Greetings
  • Special Occasions
  • Business Messages
  • Marketing Lead-In’s
  • Humorous Greetings

For Individuals

The strongest connection your customers have with your business is you. To build your brand and relationships, you don’t need a bloated email marketing system - You need a simple sales tool designed around you.

For Teams

Want everyone on your sales team to connect with their customers more? Create a sub-account for each of them! Oversee their activity and manage contacts between all accounts. It’s powerful and simple.

For Enterprise

Relationship marketing teams, direct sales companies, and dealer networks rely on our customized, white-labeled platform to power recruiting, retention and referrals. Call: 800-865-7496

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Track Your Emails

Know who opened your emails and when. Track who clicked your links or downloaded your files. Knowledge is power – the power to measure contact interest and make more sales.

  • Review your entire history
  • Unsubscribes are handled automatically
  • Review snapshot metrics
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Premium Printed Postcards and Greeting Cards

Printed and mailed for you in 1 - 2 business days. Create and send premium quality, heavy stock, glossy greeting cards, postcards, and gift cards in seconds with our easy 1 screen interface.

Priced Right!
$ .34 to $ 1.74 + postage
Currently available to usa and canada addresses.
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Capture Leads With Opt-In Forms Anyone Can Master

Capture leads you can follow up with instantly from your website, blog, landing page, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

  • Optimized to fit any device
  • Easy enough for anyone to learn and use
  • Double opt-in contacts added to your account
  • Perfect for contact capture at networking events
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Elegant Contact Management & Simple CRM

Whether you click or touch, your contacts are always at your fingertips. Keep them organized with groups, notes, and your communication history. Simple. Fast. Powerful.

  • Add and import all your contacts
  • Groups make campaigns easy
  • Create notes and calendar events
  • Track your complete activity history
  • Managers can control all team contacts
  • Powerful import tools and import history
  • Access all your contacts on mobile devices

People in sales from companies you know use Ace of Sales:

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